Leverage Landing Net


The world's first collapsible net with one-handed deployment and netting capability uses a uniquely designed leverage handle. This high quality, exquisitely designed and engineered landing net is a must for fisherman who wants the best.


Upgrading our Online Store.

June 30th, 2013

We are upgrading our online store. Please stop in and take a look at our new products.
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LLN Partners with the NBAA

March 24th, 2012

The National Bass Anglers Association will be promoting the Leverage Landing Net to over 3000 NBAA members and well over 300,000 outdoor consumers through Shows, Seminars, Special Events, National Championship Tournaments, Website, National Angler Magazine and at over 1200 local tournaments.

New Kayak Net Press Release!

July 9th, 2011

Click here to read the press package we released for our new Kayak net models!

Leverage Landing Net Targets the Rapidly Growing Kayak Market

June 26th, 2011

Leverage Landing Net, LLC is pleased to announce yet another model to its line of revolutionary new landing nets, The Leverage Landing Net™ Kayak 1900 and the 2250.

What makes The Leverage Landing Net™ unique is its innovative handle design, utilizing a simple arm brace and “pistol” grip that enables the fisherman to deploy and operate the net one-handed while maintaining control of the fishing rod in the other hand. The brace and grip combination enables your arm to act as an extension to the net’s handle, and increases strength and control when your netting fish. The new Kayak model is the same net with a handle extension beyond the arm cradle which enables this net to be used in a traditional rod holder.

The Leverage Landing was designed and engineered to be fully collapsible for easy storage with limited space on a kayak it was a perfect fit. Kayak Fishing is a rapidly growing market and The Leverage Landing Net™ is there to meet the requirements and netting needs. The netting itself remains a rubber-dipped knotless nylon, which is gentler on the protective coating of fish and also results in fewer hook snags. This makes the net perfect for catch and release.

LLN Sponsors FHC Outdoors

February 2nd, 2011

FHC Outdoors will be sponsored by Leverage Landing Net.

FHC Outdoors (Fishing, Hunting, and Camping) is a website dedicated to sporting enthusiasts. Their goal  is to form a community that can support a wide range of members, interests, and content while serving a special purpose; sharing their passion in one place for simple convenience.

Read about FHC Outdoors at the Spokane Boat Show here.

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